WM01 - 250pts


View the page at https://cfta-wm01.allyourbases.co and try to get the flag.


  1. When looking around for interesting files we can find an interesting comment in /assets/js/site.js that says // Image slideshow. Moved in from /new-images when each is finalised.

  2. Navigating to /new-images shows a list of pictures. Checking each picture to see if the flag is hidden using steganography tricks yields nothing.

  3. It took a lot of different ideas but eventually I tried using Google's reverse image search to see if any of the images in /new-images were unique. The image of the macbook with the screen showing "mii-home" got some matches, but none of them had the "mii-home" graphic. Going to /mii-home shows a login page.

  4. The username and password for the login page at /mii-home are validated using login.js. We can deobfuscate it with de4js to get the output in login.js. We can run lines 1-18 in the JS console (only if not already on /mii-home) and then define j to hl_b with j = hl_b. Finally, simply run line 28: window[j(0x73)] = 'se' + 'curi' + 'ty-' + 'ca' + j(0x7d) + '/f' + j(0x70);. This will redirect to /mii-home/security-camera/feed/.

  5. We can look at the "Office" camera to see a note that says the WiFi password is XGHEV7HGEV, which is the flag.



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