FM01 - 250pts


Download the file and find a way to get the flag. Contents: fm01.jpg
Challenge Files:


  1. 1.
    The flag is embedded in the metadata of the image. This can be easily solved by finding strings in fm01.jpg and searching for flag: strings fm01.jpg | grep Flag to find flag: tr4il3r_p4rk in the metadata for a Photoshop layer name.
  2. 2.
    Alternatively, simply use exiftool to see the flag in a nice layout of the metadata by running exiftool fm01.jpg:
    History Software Agent : Adobe Photoshop 22.2 (Windows), Adobe Photoshop 22.2 (Windows)
    History Changed : /, /
    Text Layer Name : flag: tr4il3r_p4rk
    Text Layer Text : flag: tr4il3r_p4rk
    Document Ancestors : E25BCF5D355B2F2CE5EB55EC6B67C7AF
    Image Width : 1920